Towels & Tissues

We have many options of Paper towels, our most popular being our value priced Kitchen towels and premium Bounty towels. We stock several varieties of brown or white roll towels that fit most dispensers as well as center-pull, multifold and c-fold options. We have several options for dispensers if you need those as well.

Toilet paper is available in premium and value priced styles. We have several grades of bulk individually wrapped rolls and jumbo 1000-foot rolls ideal for high traffic restrooms. Dispensers are available for these as well. We also have premium and generic toilet paper offerings designed for resale or small office use.

Some Products We Offer

Kitchen Towels
Roll Towels
Multi-fold and Center Pull Towels
Dispensers for Towels

Toilet Paper
Dispensers for Toilet Paper
Facial Tissues

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